OUR Sunday services are held 9-11:00am on Sundays. We also provide a number of groups on Sundays and during the week for you and your children:

Children’s Sunday School: 9:30am
Youth Service: Every 4th Sunday of the Month @ 2pm
Prayer Meeting: Every Wednesday @ 6pm

Cell groups
Lingsat, San Fdo. City,  Friday @ 5-6pm
Narra, Bacnotan La Union, Saturday 5-6pm
Naguituban, San Juan, LU, Saturday @ 3-4pm
Panicsican, San Juan, LU, Thursday @ 1-2pm

Home Bible Study

Galera’s Residence,Urbiztondo,Sn Juan,LU Tuesday 7pm                           Fontanilla Res,Urbiztondo, Sn Juan,LU Tuesday 3pm
Intia Residence, Panicsican, Sn Juan,LU Thursday 7pm
Catbagan Residence, Panicsican, San Juan, LU, Thursday @ 7-8pm
Urpiano’s Residence, Narra, Bacnotan, LU, Thursday @ 2-3pm
Pagaduan Res, Narra, Bacnotan, LU Thursday 4-5pm-                        TSPI Corporation Sn. Fdo. City,LU Friday 8-9am-


Renion Residence, Bacnotan, LU  SUNDAY SERVICE 3-5pm

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